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The Environmental Department, established in 2012, has been widening the HSE culture to issues directly related to prevention of pollution and reducing the ecological footprint of Sonamet. The development of a responsible and sustainable conscience is the focus of the works of the Environmental Department.



With a total area of 4,165 m², the waste management area offers a secure place to store and segregate waste in an adequate manner. The types of waste stored inside this area are categorized as: non-hazardous, hazardous and high-hazardous. All waste is inspected prior shipment to treatment or disposal facilities.



The CARE Program has been introduced by Sonamet Environmental Department with the purpose to raise awareness on environmental issues among Sonamet employees.

COMMIT yourself  with the best

ATTITUDE showing initiatives in a 

RESPECTFUL manner in protecting

ENVIRONMENT for the well being of everyone

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In May 2024, Sonamet received ISO 14001:2015 certification, and has been able to maintain it year after year as a result of the constant effort and dedication of all the yard's workers. The most recent audit was carried out by Bureau Veritas in May 2024.

We are proudly maintaining all the necessary efforts for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance by promoting environmental awareness inside and outside Sonamet.

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