Hedinilson Abreu

Welding Department

"I consider safety as the most important aspect in my day to day life. I understand and try to convince everyone that the importance of returning to family after a day´s work without any incident is one of the greatest accomplishments."

Lucas Chaiqua 

Fitting Department

"I am truly motivated and inspired by the fact that my dedication and appreciation to safety  is recognized by Sonamet management through the Safety Awards. I can speak for my colleagues as well when I say that we are internally competing among ourselves to reach all our safety goals and be a safety champion."


Launched in 2013, the HSE Award Program intends to 


    1.   Strengthen the Safety Culture on the yard

         2. Reinforce Environmental Attitudes in the execution of our tasks

              3. Reward individuals and groups that have shown a sustainable                          commitment to HSE,  leading by example and sharing it with others


We have worked

days without LTI

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