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Sonamet Yard Awarded for Agogo SURF Phase 2 Project by TechnipFMC


Because there is never 2 without 3, here is the 3 Agogo package coming toward Sonamet. Indeed, After Agogo FPSO with Yinson and Agogo SPS with BHGE, we are very proud to announce that we have signed a LOA with TFMC for the Surf package of Agogo where we will fabricate 11 suction piles.


TechnipFMC is an important partner which has highly contributed to Sonamet history and continued to trust us during the pandemic by awarding us CLOV2+.


The fabrication is planned to start in Q3 this year.


We thank TFMC and Azule for their trust and wish the project a safe and smooth journey with us.


Sonamet Yard Awarded for Agogo FPSO Phase 2 Project by Yinson


We are proud to announce that Sonamet have recently been awarded, by Yinson Holdings, with a new contract.

Yinson is new company in the Angolan market which Sonamet will have the pleasure to work with for 1 year at least.

The final Client is Azule (association of BP and ENI).

Through Yinson, Sonamet will participate on the development of block 15/06 by manufacturing 12 off Anchor piles and 2 off Riser protection Frames for AGOGO FPSO.


Fabrication activities are planned to start in Q3-2023 and complete by Q3-2024. Sonamet looks forward to starting this new adventure with its employees.


Sonamet, is counting not only with employees but also with people of the Benguela province to welcome Yinson and Azule personnel ensuring that they have a pleasant stay in our province.

Load Out of SLGC Jacket


After 2 years of great team work between Chevron, Subsea7, Sonamet and all partners directly and indirectly involved, the Jacket of SLGC was  safely loaded out on the Cargo Barge.

A special thank to PreziosoOceaneeringEDG and Sarens

SLGC Jacket is the continuity of a long experience started back in 1998 with Chevron on Vuko A and Kungulo B. Since Sonamet has delivered 16 jackets for Chevron

Award of SLGC to Sonamet


Sonamet today announced the award of a substantial contract by Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited (CABGOC). The contract is for the Sanha Lean Gas Connection (SLGC) project comprising the construction and installation of the Lean Gas Platform (LGP) system in Block-0 offshore Angola, at a water depth of approximately 70 metres.

The project is awarded to the consortium Subsea7/Sonamet where Sonamet will be responsible for the Fabrication of the Jacket, the Topside and other smaller structures.


The Fabrication is expected to be launched in Q1-2021 with a delivery of the main structures in Q4-2022. 


The award of SLGC to Subsea7/Sonamet is the result of a long collaboration with CABGOC. Indeed CABGOC has been Sonamet first client in 1998 with Vuko A and Kungolo B. Since 1998, we have significantly strengthen the relationship through the various projects safely executed for CABGOC (Mafumeira Norte, Congo River Crossing, South Nemba, Mafumeira Sul, ...). In total it's 36.000 mT of structures delivered by Sonamet on shallow water projects, exclusively for CABGOC, with 7 Topsides and 12 Jackets (including SNX and MSP which are over 5.000mT each).

Sonamet delivers DALIA SPS Phase 3


Sonamet celebrates the safe delivery of Dalia Manifold and its foundation. This project have been delivered with the highest HSE focus, resulting in 0 incidents and with an upmost regard to predictability for our clients.
The success of this project is certainly the result of many factors among which:

  • The trust from our clients (Total and Aker),

  • The support from our historical subcontractors,

  • The dedication of all our employees

  • Last but not least, the huge experience acquired along Sonamet history. Indeed, Dalia Manifold is the 74th Manifold delivered by Sonamet and over 250 Suction Anchors have been fabricated in Sonamet Lobito Yard.


WhatsApp Image 2021-03-16 at

Trust, Support, Dedication and Experience are the key elements for Safety, Quality, Predictability, Resilience and ultimately Success.


We thank all the stakeholders of this achievement for their outstanding contribution and wish the installation team, safe operations offshore.

CLOV2+ awarded to Sonamet


Sonamet is proud to announce the award and the first cut of CLOV2+ project with TechnipFMC and Total.

Made of a valve module and its foundation, CLOV2+ will provide to Sonamet around 50.000 direct hours to be performed over the coming 6 months. 

CLOV2+ is a unique opportunity for Sonamet to strengthen its relation with TechnipFMC and continue supporting the local content and provide them with continuous experience, especially in Inconel and Super Duplex piping.

In the middle of the pandemic, this award is the proof of the resilience of Sonamet and the trust built with its clients.


Zinia completed in due time


Started in February 2019, Zinia project is safely delivered to Subsea7 and Total.

Zinia it was

- over 600.000 direct hours with more than 80% delivered by Angolans well trained workers

- 36 km of pipeline including 12 km of Pipe in Pipe fabricated with an extremely high level of efficiency

- 800mT of structures, including PLET/ILT/PLEM/Sleepers/...

But Zinia is above all, a new way of thinking through a collaborative and constructive mindset.


Completion of Factory Acceptance Test on Zinia


Despite the State of Emergency followed by the State of Calamity in Angola, the consortium Sonamet/Subsea 7 has now successfully completed all the Factory Acceptance Tests on all the flowline structures for Total PBF Zinia.

This important project milestone has been achieved safely and the stringent performance requirements have all been fulfilled. This demonstrates:

· A robust engineering to perform the design and deliver the entire technical scope of work
· A focused management of suppliers
· An essential collaborative way of working between Total PBF, Subsea7 and Sonamet
· A strong fabrication experience that allowed to adapt rather than stand by, and this even in the most unexpected situations
· A resilient capability to deliver

Choose the predictability, Choose Sonamet.


Sonamet demonstrates its resilience during COVID19.


Despite an unprecedented environment, the team spirit built along the years within Sonamet between Workers, Engineers, Managers, Clients, Subcontractors and more generally all the stakeholders, has once again demonstrated that challenges can be overcame when all the stakeholders are toward a common objective. This objective during the COVID19 was to keep everyone safe, to remain predictable and deliver. This objective is now successfully achieved for the Pipe in Pipe on Zinia SURF Phase 2 with 11km of pipeline safely completed in less than 2 months.

Congratulation to everyone directly and indirectly involved and thank you for the trust you have in Sonamet


Sonamet yard awarded for DALIA Phase 3 project.


We are proud to announce the recent award of a new contract by AKER solutions and TOTAL E&P Angola for the fabrication of some Dalia Phase 3 equipment. Sonamet scope for Dalia phase 3 is composed of one 6 slots manifold, the associated foundation made of suction pile and levelling frame and 4-off SUT with their mudmat.


Fabrication activities are foreseen to start in Q2-2019 and shall end by Q4-2020 to ensure offshore installation then production by beginning of 2021.


The good achievement of Kaombo SPS with AKER solutions and TOTAL E&P Angola are undoubtedly one of the key for this award to Sonamet. This project is to be executed by implementing the experience acquired on Kaombo SPS whilst promoting synergies between remaining Kaombo SPS production Jumpers to be fabricated, Dalia phase 3 and Zinia phase 2. All these projects are part of TOTAL E&P Angola Project Brownfield (PBF) portfolio aiming at enhancing production on the different blocks operated by TOTAL E&P Angola.

Dalia award.JPG

Fabrication steel are right now being delivered on site while yard engineering team is performing workshops with AKER solutions project’s and TOTAL E&P Angola PBF’s teams to implement lessons learnt from past projects (essentially Kaombo SPS and CLOV), sharing experience, promoting collaborative approach and preparing the fabrication to start the production in the safest and most efficient way.


Anticipation, Communication and Transparency are the heart of the success that we are all striving at achieving.

Zinia project first cut ceremony


One week after the visit of TOTAL PBF and Subsea7 Management in Sonamet Yard, the first cut on the LBLs of Zinia Phase 2 was safely conducted on February, 22nd 2019.


The encouraging synergistic behaviour shown so far on the project between Total, Subsea7 and Sonamet teams has resulted in achieving this first fabrication milestone ahead of schedule. It was the opportunity for the consortium Subsea7/Sonamet to reemphasize that Anticipation lead to Safety whilst Anticipation also lead to Performance. There is therefore no difference between Safety and Performance

Zinia first cut.jpg

Sonamet receives new ISO 14001:2015 certification for its environmental commitment recognition


Year after year as a result of the constant effort and dedication of all workers of the yard regarding environment protection, Sonamet has been able to maintain its ISO 14001 environmental certification since 2016. As the result of this continuous improvement Sonamet recently received the ISO 14001:2015 certification.


We are proudly maintaining all the efforts necessary for continuous improvement of our environmental performance through the promotion of environmental awareness inside and outside of Sonamet. An example of actions set in place is the CARE Program that has been introduced by Sonamet environmental department with the purpose to raise awareness on environmental issues among Sonamet employees. This program encourage everyone trough simple actions to commit themselves with the best attitude showing initiatives in a respectful manner in protecting environment for the well-being of everyone.”


Sonamet quality commitment recognition with new ISO 9001:2015 certification


We are proud to announce that on 12th September 2018 Sonamet has been certified ISO 9001:2015.  This is the result of the quality continuous improvement in Sonamet since 1998 where quality has been elected as one of our key corporate objectives.

This new ISO 9001:2015 certification follows our Quality Management System implementation in 2008 being certified ISO 9001:2008 at this time.

This new certification is reflecting Sonamet commitment for quality and our willingness to be always at the highest quality level.


A 2nd buoy to be disposed for Chevron


Following  Sonamet good performance on Kuito Buoy, we have been awarded for the disposal of another buoy for Chevron that arrived at our yard on November, 10th 2018.


The dismantling of structures is new for Angola and Sonamet is proud to benefit from the trust of its historical clients to demonstrate additional capabilities involving Sonamet full compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001


KUITO Buoy disposal - 400mT lift safely performed in Sonamet


On August, 16th 2018 after more than 3 years without similar lifts, Sonamet has demonstrated that the major lifting capabilities and all the seriousness built along the 20 years of existence, are still present in Sonamet DNA and ready to be re-activated an call. 


Indeed the Kuito Buoy that was in service since 2001 in Block 0 and that was no longer needed for the production of this block was towed to Sonamet Yard to be stored until further decision is taken. From the arrival of the buoy Sonamet conducted thorough inspections to confirm its integrity and liftability. 


The overall lifting operation was safely conducted by a highly experienced team that just found this lift to be the continuity of the 50+ lifting operations conducted on Mafumeira Sul where 2 lifts above 1,750mT were professionally executed.

Kuito Buoy - Small_edited_edited.jpg

Sonamet celebrates her 20th anniversary

Sonamet celebrates her 20th anniversary


On August, 4th 2018 Sonamet has celebrated its 20th anniversary. 20 years of existence in Lobito Yard that started in 1998 with the fabrication of 2 Jackets & Decks for Chevron. Since this day, Sonamet has consolidated with Chevron, Total, Exxon, BP, ENI and 28 different Contractors a significant experience in the O&G fabrication industry. An experience based on the construction of all the structures present the O&G industry. But this experience could not have been consolidated without investing and believing on VALUES and PEOPLE


We are extremely proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary with 25 of our current employees  that were already present for the first  steel cut in August 1998 and that are still believing that Sonamet is so much more than just a company, it's an opportunity.

IMG_6078 (3).jpg

BLOCK 1506 Foundation safely delivered


The Block 1506 foundations completed in started in July 2017 and completed in March 2018, was safely Loaded-Out and delivered on July, 29th 2018 after being stored for 5 months in Sonamet yard. 


Completed in an exemplary way, the Fabrication and Load Out have been executed without any incident and without any NCR raised during the whole project. A achievement based on Sonamet paramount commitment to HSEQ and client expectation at all time.

On August, 15th 2018 the Suction Anchor was installed; again without any problem.

CCF Sail Away.jpg

TOTAL has awarded the consortium Subsea7/Sonamet for the SURF package of ZINIA


We are proud to announce the recent award of a new contract by TOTAL E&P Angola for the fabrication of ZINIA Phase 2 SURF package comprising of FLETs, ILTs, various structures and Double Joints + Pipe in Pipe for an approximate tonnage of 8.000 mT.


The project will be executed in consortium with Subsea7 and fabrication activities are foreseen to start in Q2-2019 and end by Q3-2020.


TOTAL is being Sonamet's main client since 2015 with the start of Kaombo SPS and with this new award TOTAL will remain our main client until at least end of 2019.​

Zinia Phase 2.jpeg

Visit of International Malaria Experts in Sonamet


In our permanent commitment to actively fight against Malaria in Angola and in continuation with all efforts and measures initiated since 2003,  Pierre Carnevale (worldwide malaria expert formally working for WHO and IRD) and Patrick Besnard ( Subsea7 doctor actively working and publishing on Malaria especially in West Africa) visited Sonamet and met with Angolan authorities to pursue Sonamet active support to fight against Malaria in Benguela region.

It was also an occasion to strengthen the awareness of Sonamet personnel and clients around Malaria but also inform about Sonamet social actions with the communities in Benguela region on Angola.

Sonamet Environment Day Celebration


To celebrate the World Environment Day Sonamet prepared two activities: a training session for Environmental Protection Brigades and a trees planting campaign.

The training session was given to a group of 20 university students from the city of Lobito. This took place in the Auditorium of Sonamet headquarters on 4th and 5th of June, with duration of 5 hours.

As a continuity to Sonamet Afforestation Plan, a total of 40 trees were planted at different locations on the yard.



With the sponsorship of TOTAL Kaombo SPS, Sonamet organised the STOP MALARIA WEEK. After a complete week communicating around Malaria (its symptoms, the preventive measures and present the mosquitoes), the week ended with a half day event on Saturday 10th March with over 300 people participation. 



The Saturday event started with a walk in the city center of Lobito and continued inside Sonamet restaurant where the children and adults received highlights around Malaria through movies, short stories, a drawing and a quizz contest. All participants left with a mosquitoes net, the children also received a school bag with a full drawing set and the winners of the contests with special prizes from Sonamet Top Management. 

Block 15/06 CCF Fabrication


We are pleased to announce the safe and on target completion of the 120mT Suction Anchor fabricated for TechnipFMC and ENI. The fabrication activities started on July, 26th 2017 with the rolling of the plates for the Suction Anchor cans and was completed on March, 2nd 2018 with the transfer of the completed structure to storage. Although Sonamet has an experience of delivering over 250 Suction Anchors since 2001, we are always proud when a project is completed :


- With 100% of Great Safety Days => 0 LTI, 0 Incidents or 0 High Potential Near Misses;

- In line with the contractual milestone regardless the external impacts that occurred during the life of the project;

- In line with our clients expectations of quality and safety.


We would like to congratulate all the people that positively contributed to the success of the project inside Sonamet, TechnipFMC and ENI but also our main subcontractors Prezioso and Oceaneering. It is another successful accomplishment for Sonamet and we are looking forward to new collaborations with TechnipFMC and ENI. 

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