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"The years of hard work by our employees and the accomplishments over the time was made possible only by  our focus on safety and quality. Although, delivering the products on schedule has always been our prime objective, any compromise on safety in execution and quality of  deliverable were never even considered as an option. The result has been rewarding with our deliverables always being in line with and even exceeding the expectations from clients."

- Domingos Augusto

General Manager

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Founded in 1998 by ETPM (which later became ACERGY and more recently Subsea7) and SONANGOL, Sonamet is meant to promote and develop the Angolan community and commercial market. 

Taking the "Made in Angola"​ approach to its work, Sonamet's goal is to actively participate in the transfer of technology for the Angolan industry by supporting the emergence of the industry in Angola and mainly in Lobito, Benguela region. 

Sonamet yard is located in Lobito bay which is 500 km south of Luanda (Angola’s capital), in the Benguela province. It is next to the Lobito Port, one of the most important ports of the West African coast, because of its extension and depth. Sonamet and its clients always benefit the presence of a commercial port close to the yard for the ease of logistics.

The startegic location of the yard along with the dedicated talent pool that has been shaped through years of training, always helps Sonamet stay a step ahead of the competition. The success in execution of EPC/EPCI projects has portrayed the image of Sonamet from a local to a global competitor.

Business Ethics

At Sonamet SA, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of business ethics. Integrity, transparency, and respect for all stakeholders guide on our decisions and actions. We are committed to operating responsibly, treating our employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate with fairness and honesty. Our ethical principles form the foundation of everything we do, ensuring trust and long-term sustainability.

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