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Board of Directors

Pinto Arsenio Quizanga - Chairman

Bruno Henriques - Director

Marisol Barros - Director

Phil Simons - Director

David Bertin - Director

Alexandre Bringer - Director

General Assembly

Violeta Moco - Chairman

Alexandre Bringer - Director

Emilia Gomes Tranquada - Secretary

Fiscal Committee

Francisco Xato - President

Rui Sousa - Member

Waldireny Dala - Member

Christelle Dutey - Member


Domingos Augusto.jpg

Domingos Augusto

General Manager


Christophe Delahaye
Deputy General Manager

Luis Paixão

Financial & Administrative Manager

Sandro Ferreira.jpg

Sandro Ferreira
Sales & Marketing Manager

Bruno Desigaud 
Production Manager

Domingos Augusto.jpg

Domingos Augusto

Human Resources Manager

Alfredo Antonio
General Services Manager

Marcolino Trosso

QHSE Manager

To be nominated
Projects Director

Rumennigge Cardoso photo.jpg

Rumennigge Cardoso
SCM & Logistic Manager

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