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Based in Malembo Development centre (MDC) in Cabinda Province, Angola, Sonamet survey team was established in 2015 and caters to the survey and positioning demands in offshore Angola. We provide surface and underwater positioning, bathymetry,  survey services and cartography.



Even before establishing Sonamet's own office, Sonamet has been sub-contracted by  Chevron CABGOC to provide positioning, navigation & survey services for rig moves, bathymetry , VSP (Velocity Seismic Profile), data processing & management and GIS (Geographic Information System) since 2001.



  • Rig moves ( jack up , semi sub , DP rig, etc.)

  • Barge movement

  • Deployments and inspection of back down buoys, standby buoys & preset systems

  • Site surveys for drilling rigs, anchored barges

  • Route surveys for new pipelines

  • Inspection of existing pipelines

  • Search for dropped objects

  • Anchor drag or leaking pipelines investigations

  • Compile drawings & reports on all of the above

  • Collect & collate all data for projects 

  • Support for permanent survey crew onboard  ROV Support Vessel (Bourbon Evolution 804)

  • Support for equipment installed on diving support vessels

  • High Resolution shallow gas seismic survey

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